The overall goal and our vision is to be the most attractive company in the business by 2020.
We're investing heavily in product and market development, and then see the potential for 2020 to be the most attractive company and brand in the industry. The appropriate strategy is based on the development and provision of configurable solutions that are used and maintained worldwide.


For this global spread a network of partners Dorner is built and constantly expanded.

We are looking for companies and individuals that are already well anchored in the concrete industry strong and want to take this opportunity. It is about sales our DornerBatch and subsequently also to configure, install and maintain the solution.

What is the benefit for partners

Companies and people in the industry can develop another business area as Dorner partner.
Distribution, configuration, installation and maintenance of DornerBatch can be done independently and determine the success. Support in all these tasks is ensured by Dorner headquarter.